Research and development


As a producer of high grade meltblown type non-woven fabrics used on a large scale for medical and protective purposes we are aware of the fact how a huge responsibility rests with us, in particular during a current pandemic. Just therefore we invest financial resources, time, energy and full potential of the team in the current research on improvement of non-woven fabrics in terms of virus and bacteria filtration parameters, while maintaining the air permeability at the same time.

Own laboratory

In our dedicated laboratory we test not only every batch of products designed for sale but also we are looking for innovative solutions and developing optimum BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency), PFE (particle filtration efficiency) and AP (air permeability) parameters. The research and scientific works as well as continuous experiments are an important part of our activity which due to the industry and circumstances goes beyond the framework of a regular business.

In the production process we use the world’s most modern and unique blowing technology of polypropylene granulate at high speed as a result of which the fibres settle randomly and are pressed in stable sheets, used later for the production of personal protective equipment for medical services, institutions and for the private use.


As a Polish company with machinery and laboratory facilities as well as complex personnel we are one of the few reliable producers of meltblown non-woven fabrics on the European market, independent of Chinese suppliers. In the context of the fight against the pandemic decoupling from the Asian market is extremely essential therefore we treat our work with full responsibility not only with regard to business and commercial contacts but also research and development.