Melt Blown nonwoven fabric

We have own modern machinery park, production line and in-house laboratory testing each batch of fabric put onto the market. As a responsible, reliable producer we attach great importance to quality and we monitor on an ongoing basis optimum meltblown properties and filtration parameters BFE >98% what guarantees safety, protection and comfort in terms of breathability and non-toxicity. The unique production process is based on the blowing technology of molten polypropylene granulate at high speed similar to speed of sound by means of nozzles as a result of which the fabrics settle randomly and are pressed in stable sheets. A single sheet with a size of 17,5 cm x 21 cm* made of our meltblown fabric includes about 150 km of fabrics with a thickness of 0,3 μm - 2 μm.

*A commonly used size in personal protection products

Product by Fibeco

Our ready product is sold finally in the form of a bale with a weight of about 8 kg, including 1500 meters of fabric with a width of 17.5 cm. You can purchase from 1 bale to bales wholesale. We also encourage you to order a sample before placing an order for a higher amount to evaluate the quality of our meltblown and see the product before the purchase.


Our product is a guarantee of safety and protection. We ensure continued quality control carried out by a professional in-house laboratory


Excellent quality Melt Blown fabric produced in Poland

Fibeco is a trustworthy business partner with extensive experience in the production of textiles and the trade. Our meltblown fabric is a high-quality material, tested, safe, with excellent filtration parameters while providing high air permeability.


Bet on a reliable supplier

We are a reliable, legally established Polish company and high grade meltblown fabric is produced in our Lodz plant on an ongoing basis, so we guarantee full product availability. You can order a sample and purchase form one 1500 m bale to wholesale amounts, depending on your needs. Please contact us to obtain more information or place an order!