Hot Air Cotton

This is a popular raw material used as s component to manufacture filtration, insulation products as well as used as a filler. Its main purpose is to place it as a separating layer in high quality* filtration mask.

*products with 4 layers and more.
Non Woven Fabric Material

A low price of Hot Air Cotton non woven fabric means that its addition to masks as a separator is not burdensome for the final production budget and the product itself is gaining functionality. A separating layer of Non Woven Fabric Material (Hot Air Cotton) makes that all the moisture is collected from the external mask surface to the Fiber Mask Cotton (Hot Air Cotton) layer.

Hot Air Cotton - parameters

  • Composition: 100% PES (polyester), PES non woven fabric,
  • Colour: natural, white,
  • Width: 0.26 m,
  • G.S.M.: 55 g/m2,
  • Packing: bale with wound of approx. 800 m,
  • Weight: 11.7 kg ±5% (bale),
  • Thickness: 1-3 mm,
  • Certificate: CE,
  • Certificate: Oeko-Tex®.


Certified Hot Air Cotton non woven fabric.

Our non woven fabric has the CE and Oeko-Tex® certificate. We guarantee the high quality and fulfilment of parameters declared in the documentation.

OEKO-TEX 02032021

Purchases from a reliable distributor

Purchases from a reliable distributor

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